Use Office’s save as PDF to save PDFs with links

Long time, no post.

I just finished University this week, and I am now looking actively for (many) jobs due to  centrelink requirements.. But I have almost finished my group project, just some finial adjustments to see if our sponsors want to use it.

Exciting but there always something to pull me away from this fun site.

Anyway, the content of this post is about PDF link hyphens “-” not working. So I was converting a power-point file to PDF as It might be more accessible to others, but the links would not work.

It looked fine in the address bar in chrome (after clicking the link):

But an error.. then I looked on the actual error content on the page:

What the?

Turns out that Adobe Acrobat Pro X, when used as a “printer” converts the hyphens in certain fonts to these Unicode codes (apparently). Also, I’m unsure if using the “add-on” component in office does this as I had office 2013 and it’s incompatible.

The solution? Office 2013 thankfully it has a save as PDF feature, which works fine.

Now, I don’t why these conversions happen in the first place and why, but it’s lucky came across a related article:

Note: comments don’t work on that article for some reason

Which pointed towards this workaround and I’m glad I wasn’t the only one being annoyed by this.

So, saving PDF’s with links? better use office’s save as PDF function.


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