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So A few days ago, at Riverina Water county Council, I replaced a computer with the help of the IT guy. Apparently there was some issues, such as phantom key presses which could possibly be from possible previous virus infection and sticky keyboard.

So we replace both computer and keyboard and take it down to do some backup/re-image to another user. but BAM!!! The computer blows the fuse on the power. Well there goes my DBAN and other miscellaneous things on the my computer (I was at the same desk). After the turning the power back, everything is fine but the computer…. hmm was it related?


I found out whilst working my job at CSU, that if you are running prettyphoto and load a youtube video, you can make them autoplay. real science there I know. I alomost didn’t think it was blog worthy until I tried my but “Autoplay=1” didn’t work :/ but “feature=player_embedded” did. hmm okay. (note I’, remembering this from a few eek ago, memory might be abit rusty.

I’ll put a prettyphoto examples up later when i get the chance, possibly after my website re-design which I’ve been too busy to do unfortunately.
Mental note: when fixing computer with cryptolocker, set the computer to be out of the way before running recovery. And figure out how to use USB 3.0 in vmware player (i’m running the SIFT forensic workstation for recovery after a used a few other utilities eg recuva). Yeah it’s going to take awhile.

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