Started making new site using php

I’ve done the research, it’s either eclipse or NetBeans. Since I’ve used eclipse before in my Java subjects I’m going to give NetBeans a a try, it seems all right.

*An hour later*

I give up downloading Apache alone!
Backstory: Why can’t I find a a single tutorial on NetBeans v8 and NOT v7?
Where is this “Servers” tab everyone is talking about?
Why does other NetBeans installers have Apache integrated and not the PHP one??
Why is the Netbeans install quick guide in inaccurate?

It also didn’t help that my internet is is slow and the netbeans intro guide is on the internet ;/
it reminds me the Moneysmart site.. so many clicks and everything is slow!
Extra note: personal opinion on opensource vs commercial projects:
open source = Excellent Installer, crappy UI, not intuitive but A++ features
commercial = crappy installer, Excellent UI, intutive but features missing/broken/limited

Gah, Gah Gah!

Okay, I’ll install XAMP even though i don’t need MySQL and stuff.
I Then had to set a option:
Right Click project on the side > Set Configuration > Customise > Sources (on side)
Tick “Copy files…” > put “C:xampphtdocs” in the “Copy to Folder text field”
Option to set in NetBeans

So I now have a working PHP install, Awesome!
PHP working

Notes: You can find this tutorial at the following link (thanks!):

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