Site moved to hand coded HTML5

Hi All,

As I been job hunting, I thought whats the best way to show that I actually know some software concepts?

Enter,, a PHP project.  Designed with twitter Bootstrap and mobile in mind.

And I used a few modules from my degree’s project, Adaptive Quiz Manager, to hit the ground running.  It went well except for:

  • Discovering a bug in the core and template files (it didn’t work on the site root), so after figuring that out and changing accordingly, the PHP side was fine.
  • Moving WordPress – yeah you got it – WordPress doesn’t live being moved at all. I did my homework though and got it running fine at home, but on upload to the webserver, my sub folder “blog-and-some-thoughts” didn’t like me & kicked me out back the homepage. So I’ve bitten the bullet and re-installed from scratch – too much time and effort wasted, but a learning opportunity none the less.

So there you go, all setup and ready to go again. Now to improve the content.

Thanks for reading.


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