Mobile draft 1 completed

Finally worked out some quirks on my draft mobile page, like words wrapping around the page. The solution i think was using “translateX” and having the sidebar use “position:fixed”, otherwise it it pushes the content out a bit. Also the content overlaps the header for some reason, so i added “z-index” to up the stacking to 1 on the header, not sure why it didn’t need it before. I’ve edited it too much and probably broke something. Damn, oh well, will look into that later, since it’s late.

You can see the the wrapping problem in the original mockup by someone on the internet:
who I think is: but not quite sure.

it doesn’t have translate3d, which is apparently faster (I need to look into that). it’s just simple. So here it is, awesome! DRAFT: (embeded below)

See the Pen cssPanelMenu by Joshua Graham (from Jeremy T) (@silverham) on CodePen.

And the old one is here.

See the Pen cssPanelMenu by Jeremy T (@jetpacmonkey) on CodePen.

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