How to restore the Windows 8 bootloader after installing/messing with a Windows 7 VHD

I got a few things to write blog posts about but write now I’ll write about something fresh in my mind.

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So I while a ago, I partially cloned Windows 7 partition on my Samsung Laptop to a VHD so that I could move it between my microSD card and the SSD with ease whilst using the pre-installed Windows 8 OS as my main one. Now I’m sure the VHD is the same as I used it last time but apparently not.

Anyway, so I added it back to the boot menu but all I got as either blank screen(frozen) or a automatic restart after choosing it.
After more toiling anyway on the interwebs I find a command at worked.. or so I thought.

Attach the VHD using Disk Management (Right Computer –> Manage –> Disk Management –> Menu Bar –> Attach Disk)

Open Command Prompt as Administrator (Windows Key –> type “cmd” –> Right Click cmd –> run as administrator)

Bcdboot Windows
e.g. bcdboot E:Windows

TahDah! Booting into Windows…

BUT a Blue Screen of Death, 0x00000136
Error expanding VHD to size.

I think somehow i might of copied other partitions from the real hard drive as a stubs but it now it thinks they are real. Damn!

So installed Windows 8.1 pro, courtesy of Charles Sturt University, School of Computing and Maths and Dream Spark subscription.
Then I installed and used Hyper-V’s Edit disk, in-conjunction with my external hard drive (thank goodness it was USB 3.0!).

Change to fixed size.

But now the boot-loader is win 7 style because i messed up earlier getting it to work, which leads us to…

How to restore The Windows 8 boot loader

Courtesy of a few forum folks , the commands I used were
(assuming the Windows 8 drive is C)

Bcdboot C:windows

Set the boot policy to standard (in case it was set to the legacy – which is win7 style text)
This is also assuming Win 8 is set to default (which it should be because the metro loader apparently doesn’t work unless win8 is the default)

bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy standard

Then restart without closing the Command prompt, not sure why, or if necessary, but one person recommends it. I can confirm this method does work!

So Cheers, I’m just glad i found i use for the dream spark. It’s got lots of potential.

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