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Mobile draft 2

I have another progression in the learning and updates yet to be introduced for this website. This time, it’s all about responsiveness. Having the website have one code base but display differently depending on the screen size on the web … Continue reading

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Mobile draft 1 completed

Finally worked out some quirks on my draft mobile page, like words wrapping around the page. The solution i think was using “translateX” and having the sidebar use “position:fixed”, otherwise it it pushes the content out a bit. Also the … Continue reading

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Started making new site using php

I’ve done the research, it’s either eclipse or NetBeans. Since I’ve used eclipse before in my Java subjects I’m going to give NetBeans a a try, it seems all right. *An hour later* I give up downloading Apache alone! Backstory: … Continue reading

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But I don’t want to be a web designer

So yesterday at work I discovered (but i already knew it-just didn’t take note) that sometimes, webpages render differently on Internet Explorer 8 and below. Specifically, IE8 decided that it won’t auto re-size my main page’s image but but put … Continue reading

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