But I don’t want to be a web designer

So yesterday at work I discovered (but i already knew it-just didn’t take note) that sometimes, webpages render differently on Internet Explorer 8 and below.
Specifically, IE8 decided that it won’t auto re-size my main page’s image but but put scroll bars on the middle of the page.

It’s quite embarrassing when it works on your computer but on the boss’s computer it has a big scroll bar there.
So, take note of the margins and padding, then re-size accordingly and re-upload. Problem solved.

Also, i started making my own css file for some semi-complex html lists, as the standard ones weren’t quite what I wanted.
Also, who knew there was a “background-position: ; ” css style? The one I was working on decided to not use the default “top left” for some reason.
Silly non-standards compliant web browsers.

Got it all worked out but I don’t want to be a web designer.

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