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Drupal Coder + Acquia Dev Desktop on Windows

My work is requiring the use of Code Review tools on a Drupal govCMS project. Unfortunately getting these to work on windows is a pain. So i made a bit of small text document outlining how to get PHPCS / … Continue reading

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NullPointerException in JApplet on Web Browser refresh?

Since finishing university and applying for jobs, I’ve decided to brush on up on my Java Skills. To kickstart the occasion, I decided to transform (and sometimes improve) all of my Java assignments to Web Applets, where most were command line … Continue reading

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Site moved to hand coded HTML5

Hi All, As I been job hunting, I thought whats the best way to show that I actually know some software concepts? Enter,, a PHP project.  Designed with twitter Bootstrap and mobile in mind. And I used a few modules … Continue reading

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Currently I use Microsoft’s custom domain email system, and two days ago, it stopped working. My Android phone running K-9 Mail (for email) and Exchange Active sync (for calendar), simply said “authentication error” with K-9 Mail saying incorrect username/password when editing … Continue reading

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Red Alert 3 on Intel 965 / X3100

Who doesn’t like games? Kidding aside, I found the best way, I believe, to run the game Red Alert 3 on my Old laptop. (sold the new laptop, the low resolution and no hdd light drove me crazy) Fun fact: … Continue reading

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Use Office’s save as PDF to save PDFs with links

Long time, no post. I just finished University this week, and I am now looking actively for (many) jobs due to  centrelink requirements.. But I have almost finished my group project, just some finial adjustments to see if our sponsors … Continue reading

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Mobile draft 2

I have another progression in the learning and updates yet to be introduced for this website. This time, it’s all about responsiveness. Having the website have one code base but display differently depending on the screen size on the web … Continue reading

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Mobile draft 1 completed

Finally worked out some quirks on my draft mobile page, like words wrapping around the page. The solution i think was using “translateX” and having the sidebar use “position:fixed”, otherwise it it pushes the content out a bit. Also the … Continue reading

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How to restore the Windows 8 bootloader after installing/messing with a Windows 7 VHD

I got a few things to write blog posts about but write now I’ll write about something fresh in my mind. To Skip to the Actual How to restore boot loader, click here to jump to bottom. So I while … Continue reading

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Started making new site using php

I’ve done the research, it’s either eclipse or NetBeans. Since I’ve used eclipse before in my Java subjects I’m going to give NetBeans a a try, it seems all right. *An hour later* I give up downloading Apache alone! Backstory: … Continue reading

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